Your big day is coming up fast, and you want to be sure your dress looks as beautiful as can be. But where is the best place to have it fitted? Who can alter it to make it even more stunning?

When it comes to prom dress and wedding dress fittings and alterations, many people get their dresses fitted right at the bridal shop, not realizing there are better options available. Even if you’re buying your gown online, you don’t have to take it to an expensive bridal boutique to get the alterations you need.

Here are 10 reasons why Highlander Cleaners is Lancaster County’s hidden secret for dress fittings, alterations and more:

1) Skill & Experience

At Highlander, we have 30 years’ experience in prom / wedding dress fittings and alterations. Our two full-time dress tailors specialize in alterations for gowns of all styles and sizes. Their extensive capabilities ensure that your dress will fit perfectly and look incredible on you!

  • Precision fitting
  • Hemming
  • Fitting of the bodice area
  • Fitting of the sleeves
  • Adjusting the neck line if needed

2) Friendly Service

We love working with brides and prom goers (and their moms, bridesmaids and friends)!

For our experienced dress tailors, there’s nothing more gratifying than helping someone look ahh-mazing in their dress. We’re here to help you, and we’re committed to providing fast, friendly service at every interaction.

3) Affordability

In addition to our extensive capabilities, we are typically more affordable than most bridal shops. By choosing Highlander, you’ll save money on your dress fittings and alterations.

4) Easy, Low-Stress Fittings

We take the stress out of fittings! Our process is very simple. Simply call us to set up an appointment, bring in your dress, and our experienced dress tailors will determine what needs to be done to make your dress perfect. We’ll provide a quote for alterations and a timeline for completion. (Since all dresses are constructed differently, we cannot give estimates over the phone – we’ll need to see it in-person.)

We have a comfortable fitting area, where our skilled tailors will take measurements. A second fitting is sometimes required, because of the nature of the alterations: additional adjustments may be needed to make the dress absolutely perfect. For wedding gowns, a final fitting is often recommended before your big day.

5) Custom Alterations

In addition to the alterations mentioned above, we can make other adjustments to transform your dress according to your wishes. For example, we can turn your gown into an open-back dress, add straps to accommodate a larger bust, adjust the trim, beads, lace, sequins – whatever’s needed to make it truly your own.

We can also make alterations to veils and headdresses. Plus, if there’s enough fabric left over after other alterations, we have the ability to make a matching accessory, such as a handkerchief for the groom or groomsmen.

6) Great for Dresses Purchased Online, Too

It’s very common now for brides and high schoolers to buy their dresses over the internet, without seeing them or trying them on in person. But this has increased the need to visit an experienced tailor and alterations department.

Don’t be discouraged if your purchase doesn’t fit right! Bring it to Highlander Cleaners, and our skilled staff will make the alterations needed to make it as gorgeous as you envisioned!

7) Flexible Scheduling

In a rush? No problem. We’re faster than some bridal shops and can work with you to finish your dress on time. Just be sure to leave enough time for the alterations.

For prom gowns, you should allow 3-4 weeks before the event for fitting and alterations. For wedding dresses, you should allow 1-2 months or minimum of 4-6 weeks.

8) Cleaning, Finishing & Pressing

Another advantage of choosing Highlander Cleaners is that we can clean, finish and press your dress, prior to your picking it up. This is something conventional wedding dress shops usually cannot offer.

9) Post-Event Cleaning, Repairs & Preservation

Let’s face it — prom dresses and wedding gowns go through a lot on the big night. They often get dirty and damaged in a matter of hours.

You’ll probably want to keep your gown forever, but that doesn’t mean it needs to stay soiled! Highlander Cleaners offers a meticulous wedding gown preservation process, in which we thoroughly clean your gown and package it using non-buffered acid-free materials to preserve it for a lifetime.

Anybody can have their wedding dress preserved at Highlander, but if you also choose us for dress alterations, you’ll get an automatic discount on our preservation service.

10) Conveniently located in Lancaster County

We’re close by! If you’re having your wedding in one of Elizabethtown’s or Lancaster County’s many amazing wedding venues, know that Highlander is here to help!

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