Leather Cleaner & Suede Cleaner Services

Improperly stored leather and suede garments will deteriorate faster and lose their original beauty. Let our professionals help you store and preserve them for years to come.

A Professionally Cleaned Black Leather Jacket

We provide comprehensive cleaning services for most leather and suede garments. All skins are reviewed, cleaned and restored to their original color and texture. Each item is cleaned and reconditioned to help extend its natural beauty.

  • Leather coats and jackets
  • Suede garments and outerwear
  • Leather handbags, briefcases and carry items
  • Sheepskin rugs and seat covers
  • Gloves, hats and other accessories

Fur cleaning services

In addition to our suede and leather cleaning services, we offer specialized fur cleaning to restore the beauty of your fur coats, jackets, scarves, accessories and other garments.

For more information, call 717-367-4665 or email info@highlandercleaners.com.