Shoe Repair in Mount Joy & Elizabethtown

Our knowledge and experience ensure that your shoes are professionally repaired with the same care and quality they received when they were first manufactured.

Cobbler Repairing the Sole of a Shoe

Before you toss your worn, damaged footwear, bring it to Highlander Cleaners. Our experienced shoe-repair specialists will make your shoes look and feel like new. We can mend, restore and clean almost any style shoes, from work boots to formal men’s or women’s footwear. We offer skilled shoe repair at our locations in Elizabethtown and Mount Joy.

  • Loose or broken soles
  • Worn insoles
  • Damaged heels
  • Torn or missing stitching
  • Missing or broken elastic
  • Damaged or missing buckles
  • Tight-fitting shoes that need to be stretched

Shoe cleaning and polishing

In addition to shoe repair, we offer professional cleaning and polishing to restore your shoes’ original shine.

Orthopedic work

Our experienced shoe-repair specialists can perform orthopedic work with a prescription from your physician. Let our professionals correct your shoes to help you maintain optimal health, balance and comfort on your feet.

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