Our Laundromat Is Right Near You

Open 7 days a week from 6am to 10:30pm.
Located at 5 South Barbara Street in Mt. Joy.

Laundry Basket at Laundromat

Our Mount Joy location offers a self-service laundromat for all your laundry needs. Our washers and dryers are coin-operated and easy to use. We also have large-capacity machines that allow you to do all your laundry in as little as two hours.

Our coin-op washers and dryers:

  • 18 lb. Front loading Maytag washers
  • 30 lb. Front loading Maytag washers
  • 40 lb. Front loading Maytag washers
  • 65 lb. Front loading Maytag washers
  • 30 lb. Dryers with anti-wrinkle cycles
  • 45 lb. Dryer (great for large loads)
  • 75 lb. Dryer (great for large, bulky loads like comforters and sleeping bags)

A better laundromat

The Highlander Cleaners laundromat is a clean, well-lit facility with restrooms and soap/detergent vending areas. All of our washers use softened water, which is gentler on clothes, brightens and whitens, and saves you money by reducing detergent usage. If you need help, we have on-site attendants who are happy to assist you during hours when our retail dry cleaning store is open.

Bring your laundry or large household items

Our large-capacity washers and dryers are also great for cleaning large comforters, blankets, draperies and other items that are too large for most residential washing machines.

Commercial laundry service available

We launder large garment loads for businesses across Central PA. Our large-capacity commercial washers enable us to rapidly clean your large-volume loads. Additionally, our efficient use of water and high extraction rate shortens your visit, without compromising results.

For a quote or more information on our commercial laundry and uniform cleaning services, click here or contact Jay Heisey directly at (717) 725-0192.

On-Demand Pickup

Let us handle your laundry for you. Schedule a pickup at your home or place of business.


For information on our alterations and tailoring services, click the button below or call our tailoring department at at (717) 725-8304.