Highlander Cleaners Dry Cleaning in Elizabethtown and Mount Joy PA

Full-Service Cleaning of Police Uniforms and Medical Uniforms

Quality, Professional Uniform Cleaning

For over 35 years, Highlander Cleaners has served the specialized cleaning needs of police and fire departments, medical, dental and veterinary offices, hospitals and surgery centers in Lancaster and Dauphin Counties.

  • Full-Service Cleaning of Police Uniforms and Civilian Clothing
  • Currently Serving Over 10 Police Departments in Lancaster and Dauphin Counties
  • Minor Repairs, Water Repelling and Custom Labeling FREE for All Uniforms
  • Competitive Pricing and Convenient Billing/Email Receipt Systems
  • Timely Pick-up, Turnaround and Delivery Back to the Station
  • Uniforms, Lab Coats and Scrubs
  • Medical, Nursing, Dental and Veterinary
  • Restaurants, Factory and Service Industry Uniforms
  • Timely Pick-up, Turnaround and Delivery Back to Your Office
  • Cleaning Meets OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standards

Highlander Cleaners focuses on the highest professional cleaning standards, with a personal touch. Twelve of our 15 employees have over 10 years of experience with Highlander Cleaners and we will tailor our services to your specific needs of your police department, medical practice or business.

  • No outsourcing! All garments handled on-site at our two facilities
  • Pre-delivery inspection – Our managers inspect completed, cleaned uniforms prior to delivery back to your office, practice location or station
  • Completed orders delivered on-time, cleaned to your specific requirements
  • Focused on the image enhancement that results from professional uniform cleaning
  • Alterations and attention to detail to ensure your satisfaction

For references and to schedule a meeting to learn more about Highlander Cleaners, call Jay Heisey today at 717-367-4665 or email him at jay@highlandercleaners.com

Shoe Repair

Shoe heels and soles repair

Highlander Cleaners repairs soles and heels, stitches weak areas, replaces elastic and buckles, stretches tight shoes and can finish the job off with cleaning and polishing services.
We can also perform orthopedic work with a written prescription.

Contact us today for more information.

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